Nicole Charlock

Director of Fitness

A self-proclaimed fitness junkie who has tried it all, from cycle fads to rock climbing, Nicole has found her true passion working in the Fitness Industry for the past 10 years.  A unique combination of experience, education, and enthusiasm drive her program planning and workout routines.  Nicole believes everyone can get the results they want, if provided with the right tools and support.

P.J. DeLuca

Assistant Director of Fitness

Over a 10-year career as a professional hockey coach, P.J. has helped develop collegiate and professional athletes; many today still play in the National Hockey League. Drawing from his experience as an athlete and coach, he takes a comprehensive approach to developing overall physical ability improving balance, stability, strength, and power. Each program is designed to your specific goals and abilities, whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, or looking to be more fit and healthy.

Laurie Didio

Pilates Instructor

Laurie has been a certified Pilates instructor for over 15 years focusing her expertise in Mat Pilates, Reformer and Pilates Apparatus training. Presently she’s studying for an additional National Alliance Pilates Certification. Laurie teaches, safe, effective, yet challenging and innovative, private and group sessions. She is a certified personal trainer, cycling and group class instructor for over twenty five years.

Claudia Sepuka-Herbas

Personal Training / Group Fitness

Claudia is originally from Sweden, graduated from the University of Bauder College in Ft. Lauderdale. Claudia brings 20 years of experience, specializing in group fitness Cardio Sculpt, Core Fusion and other high intensity classes. She has trained every demographic of client from beginners to athletes. Also she’s a certified spin and kickboxing instructor, and offers PIYO which is a Pilates and yoga fusion class.

Adam Rivera

Personal Training / Group Fitness

Inspired by life and movement, Adam is an integral part of The Oaks fitness team. His knowledgeable routines fueled by his endless supply of energy will leave you invigorated and excited for the next class. He has 8 years of military experience, plus an extensive knowledge base in health and wellness to answer your fitness questions.

Ron White

Personal Training / Group Fitness

Ron has turned his passion into a career and has been personal training and instructing for 8 years. For him fitness is more than working muscles, it is also a state of mind. Ron likes to take the fun and intense approach to working out. Also he believes that everybody is capable of reaching their own level of fitness.

Maksim Deryabkin

Personal Training

Maksim’s journey into the fitness industry was, and always will be, fueled by the passion to enhance the lifestyle of others. His progression in becoming a physician has exposed him to a diverse clientele with a myriad of neuromuscular conditions such as Parkinson’s. His medical background, in combination with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, formed the underpinning of a profound understanding of human morphology and kinetics, and provided the basis of specific exercise programming tailored to his clientele. “Whether they shed 40 pounds or Barbell Squat 350 pounds, it is rewarding to see my clients succeed in their fitness endeavors and surpass their expectations. Knowing I have impacted their life and am helping improve their well-being has given me a sense of importance and self-worth”.

Julie Weidenfeld

Personal Training

“We can only begin to understand a principle once we live by it” – Nichiren Buddhism Coach Julie Weidenfeld lives by the principles of exercise and healthy diet in order to promote her own energy, vitality and longevity. At 50 years old, she feels the absolute best she’s ever felt in her life. This wasn’t always the case. Experiencing depression for the first time in 2001, Julie found exercise as the panacea to lift her back up. With a degree and 20-year career in finance and investment banking, Coach Julie began a new education and journey into fitness and wellness in 2009. As she embarked on her new endeavor, Julie discovered the powerful intrinsic benefits of high intensity workouts as well as the importance of a clean diet to function more optimally every day. Her mission is to guide and empower individuals to develop a health span (to live life in peak health) that matches our increasing lifespan. Coach Julie holds certification in Personal Training-NASM CPT, weightlifting-USA Weightlifting, Crossfit Level One Coaching, Speed Agility and Quickness-XPE Sports Academy, and has specialty coursework in areas including kettlebells, youth training, nutrition, mobility, and running. Most recently she received a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist designation, as she has begun to recognize the detrimental effects sitting all day has on the body and mind.