Coleen Chamberlain Mahoney

Director of Spa / Skin Care Professional

Coleen is a native of Florida with a lifelong love for skin care. She attended the Florida College of Natural Health, graduating from the Paramedical Aesthetician and Electrology Program. She provides personalized result oriented treatments and regimens to achieve optimal skin care goals with her clients.

Abe Herbas

Massage Therapist

Abe is from Queens, NY and moved to south Florida in 1998 to pursue a career in the Wellness Industry.  A Florida College of Natural Health graduate, specializing in medical and orthopedic modalities with symptoms such as Sciatica, Psoas, Brachial Plexus syndrome, Hip/Knee injuries, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia etc.  His modalities range from Sports to Deep-Tissue with specialty techniques such as Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point.  Abe has a true passion for helping people feel better and relaxed.

Joy Nash

Massage Therapist

Joy graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in 2000, with a Degree of Science in Natural Health with a concentration in Advanced Therapeutic Massage. She is skilled and educated in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Theory, Neuromuscular, Lymphatic Drainage, Medical Massage, Pre-Natal Massage and Swedish Massage. Since Joy has extensive knowledge in Exercise Science, Anatomy, and Kinesiology, she specializes in sports injuries such as muscle sprains and strains, knee injuries, Achilles tendon injuries, plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow.  Joy also uses a variety of compression, myofascial, and vibration/oscillation techniques in her sessions to facilitate a melt and release effect in stuck soft tissue, and aid in gentle structural shifts to the body’s alignment. While Joy’s hobbies include Fitness and Nutrition, her goal is to create a positive impact of her clients’ health and support them in their journey of wellness.

Marcia Vandervert

Massage/Reiki/PEMF Therapist

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, she moved to the US in 2008. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a 15 year career in teaching middle school and high school children, she discovered her true passion in helping others achieve health and wellness. In 2008, after going through difficult life experiences, she found her spiritual healing journey through REIKI. Since then she has been dedicated to learning natural holistic healing techniques and is now a certified PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field) practitioner and a licensed massage therapist. Marcia has made it her life’s purpose to give hope to people in need. She firmly believes in the power of the body to heal itself from any mental, emotional or physical disease. “Watch what you feed your mind, your soul and your body and you will achieve wellness.” PEMF and REIKI have changed her life and the lives of many others; it is her goal to help people find hope and well-being again.

Vera Octaviano

Massage Therapist

Vera is originally from Rio, Brazil and moved to Florida in 1999. She changed careers radically, from being a lawyer in Brazil to becoming a Massage Therapist in the USA. She loves her new career…being able to help people on a personal level and providing a very relaxing and positive experience to all! She attended American Institute of Massage Therapy in 2003 and has been practicing since then. Throughout her career, she has kept her skills and license current by participating in continuing education programs. Some of them are: upper extremity neuromuscular, ashiatsu floor massage, pregnancy massage, chair massage, active isolated and resistance stretching, basic Thai massage, manual lymph drainage and cupping massage. She’s also specialized in hot stones. In her sessions she combines techniques that apply her expertise to achieve optimal results on her client’s needs.

Stephanie Long

Nail Technician

Originally hailing from Gainesville, Florida, Stephanie started as a personal assistant for a renowned nail salon owner in 1997 where she worked for 6 years. Stephanie fell in love with caring, assisting and making others feel pampered. In 2003, she went to beauty school training with Aveda Beauty Institute, B’Naturale` Beauty Institute, and Loreal. In addition, Stephanie trained with several beauty schools and completed additional classes to continue her education. Stephanie enjoys family, charity, nature, meditation, and spending time with her husband of 15 years.